To be the finest State Legislative Assembly in Malaysia

To be the custodian and to uphold the principles of parliamentary democracy system of government.

  • To ensure the lawful and orderly succession of members of Legislative Assembly

  • To provide a forum for the freedom of Speech, Expression, Association, and Region.

  • To ensure the rights of minorities are heard and respected.

  • To provide convenience and comfort for the Members of State Legislative Assembly during meetings and other occasions.

  • To collect, produce and disseminate an accurate and quality records of proceedings of the Dewan debates and committee hearings.

  • To establish a comprehensive and up-to-date personnel information of the Members and pensioners of the State Legislative Assembly and Members of the Administration.

  • To arrange payment of the monthly allowances to Members and pension to former Members and former Members of Administration.

  • To provide a good and adequate documentation and reference services for Members of the Dewan Undangan Negeri and/or Members of the Administration.

  • To maintain a fast and efficient text retrieval system for data management in order to exploit fully a collection of documents and resources.

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